A Bird on the Head is Worth….

I don’t know how old I was, but I’m sure it was young teenagerhood.

It was a winter’s day in 1970-something, and I had been outside, bundled up in my usual upstate NY winter gear, including gloves and a knit cap, standing among many cords of wood my dad and us had piled up all over the parking area between our Lake Clear cabin (which was beside our three-story 1880s house) and the barn. I had literally just been standing there, looking around. Don’t remember why anymore. I frequently, to this day, get caught up in my surroundings, by just being there. I just take in all that is around me in a kind of active meditational state, I guess, feeling the atmosphere, the ground, the sun against my face, you name it—whatever calls out to me to do this in the first place. I can just…stand there…unmoving…and simply…look.

Anyway, I suddenly felt the lightest “touch” on the very top of my knit cap. I turned around scanning my surroundings, but saw nothing.

Just then, my youngest brother, Greg, opened a window up on the second floor and—laughing—called out to me: “A bird was just sitting on top of your head! It just flew off!

He said it had just been sitting there, on my head, for a period of time—and had just flown off when I moved. He asked, “Didn’t you feel it?” “No,” I said, “I hadn’t!”

We had a good laugh between the two of us, then we both continued on doing whatever it was kids that age did up in the Adirondacks on gray, wintry days….


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4 Responses to A Bird on the Head is Worth….

  1. Karen Lin says:

    Fun. You must have been very deep in thought… or feeling. Cool!

  2. adirondackoutlaw.com says:

    For whatever it’s worth- I like these blog posts. Just you, being who you are. The guy I recognize in my SLHS yearbook- just a wacky North Country guy. P.S. My next post features you in track shorts! Just a warning!

    • fpdorchak says:

      Why, thank you, Dick! So, nice of you to say! BTW, I was going to say this in a another post (and still will), but it was you and your posts that inspired me to write up my own memories! Thank you for your inspiration!

      Gee, the ol’ red and white short-shorts! Bring it! 😛 I’ll be discussing my introduction to throwing the discus this Friday! Like minds can be creepy!

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