The Writing Was on the Wall

“It was a bright and sunny day….”

I have no idea what possessed me, and it was definitely indicative of my future, but one day…I wrote an entire story…on the outside wall of our Lake Clear house.

This had to have been in the late sixties/early seventies, I imagine, because the house was still painted yellow with green trim. We later painted it red with white trim, along with adding a host of other improvements to the place.

But, yes, I certainly did this!

I took a pencil…and one bright, sunny day…upon the outside of our yellow-painted exterior that was along the gravel driveway…I began to write a story! My pre-teen Kid Logic told me it was the “write thing” to do, obviously, or I never would have done this. I so wish I remembered what that story had been about, or at least had a copy of it, but I do not.


Because (quelle surprise!) my dad had me remove it from the house.

Some people’s kids.



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4 Responses to The Writing Was on the Wall

  1. Karen Lin says:

    What a great beginning for a keynote speech! K

  2. says:

    Good Morning Frank,
    Sounds like something I might have done!
    I like these posts. I recognize them. Just a fellow North Country Kid. Just you being you. By the way- How’s your “Discuss” these days? Mine kind of sucks. But, then again, quite Frankly, it was never that good. But Hey! It’s Friday the 13th! My lucky day! Things GOTTA start lookin’ up!
    “And That Weren’t No Fish!”
    Enjoy your day. Write on! I’ll just keep on rowin’ my boat.
    Your Adirondack Outlaw Friend,
    (And SLHS Redskins Track Teammate)

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