This Anti-Band Doesn’t Have a Lot To Say

Slow Drive Through a Strange World (Used with permission, ©2020 Plush Gordon)

Slow Drive Through a Strange World (Used with permission, ©2020 Plush Gordon)

I’m sorry, but I just can’t stand it.

Or contain myself.

I just read a most incredible interview on what is quickly becoming one of my favorite bands: Plush Gordon. And with that said…

Plush Gordon IS a giant, underground fungus—they no longer have to want to be.

I read their “Internet Box #1” review and 1) Love the idea!, c. love how you guys and gals THINK, and lastly: am a fan of fake interviews, having done one myself. And finally, am a fan of distorting reality. Having not known Plush Gordon a very long time, the mysterious and elusive Android Invasion artiste Zapatero (who, I might also not add, sports the additional third personality of a distraught author having his or her way with white-gloved disincarnates and red balloons, as well as Time Lords and the Beatles), I am moved in a most Lynchian way to forget all that I have not yet known and partake of the underground fungus in a nice hot soup, complete with cold raisin bread, and a cuppa Socrates (which…does not Plush Gordon also stand accused of “refusing to recognize the gods recognized by the state” and of “corrupting the youth”?). Furthermore I am not in the least reminded of fake legendary rock star, Eddie Wilson, of Eddie and The Cruisers. We would all do well to remember: of what impact fame? Fortunately PG (may I call you that?) does not shoulder this burden.

And perhaps not lastly, I will leave you with something that they left all over me and now can’t get out of my belly button (thanks—like I need more BB lint?):

An artist can only produce pure art when the expectations and influences of the outside world are not taken into consideration.

The Mysterious N. Senada, “Theory of Obscurity”

My only hope is that PG will not take this as flagrant promotion for their newest effort, Slow Drive Through a Strange World, or any other of their efforts by Hungry Hour Entertainment, but see it for what it most certainly is, blantant self promotion for my efforts, else I would have smacked that cup of hemlock from their eager, twitchy little fingers…and nobody wants that, least of all some self-propagating underground fungus being correctly or incorrectly confused with an invasion of potato people.

And now…with this…I can consider myself a member of the band.


If you like what you read, please share—and join in PG’s journey and buy an album!

Thank You!

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8 Responses to This Anti-Band Doesn’t Have a Lot To Say

  1. Marc says:

    I deny your accusations of my existence. “Cogito ergo sum” be damned! More to the point, “Scribo ergo sum” be damned as well. And while we’re at it “Canto ergo sum,” too! In fact, any of the ergo sums can jump in a lake… I think, speak, and sing; therefore, I am most vociferously not, I say!

    PS: Welcome to the PG continuum.

  2. says:

    Hmmm…Plush Gordons, Fungi, and Belly button lint all in one short post. For some reason I suspect you will take this as a compliment :
    Just plain WEIRD!
    “And That Weren’t No Fish!”
    P.S. It is.

  3. Susan says:

    Weird is good!

  4. Karen Lin says:

    What a a FUN post! Why is it I totally believe you are a fan of distorted reality!   Speaking of David Lynch… Most bizarre!  His short is on Netflix: What Would Jack Do? Go take a peek.

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