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Okay, well, I finally figured out how and what I’m doing with my blogs.

Since I’m tired of trying to get things to work as they should, and thinking about it for some six months, I’m linking back to this and my other blog site from my new website. I’ve removed the blog page I tried to create on and am simply linking back to these two sites. Then, in these sites’ headers I’ve created a Return To FPDORCHAK.COM selection. I haven’t figured out how to directly hyperlink that selection back to the website, so it takes you to a page where you select the Return To FPDORCHAK.COM.

This is my workaround, sorry about the extra redirect, but until I can figure out how to make a one-click to return to my main website, this is what I have.

Thank you for visiting my blogs and my new website,! I greatly appreciate your support!

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Final, Full Do The Dead Dream? Cover!

Full Do The Dead Dream? Cover (© F. P. Dorchak and Lon Kirschner, 2017)

Full Do The Dead Dream? Cover (© F. P. Dorchak and Lon Kirschner, 2017)

Well, here it is! This is the final front and back cover to my 500-page anthology of the Weird and the Peculiar (on sale everywhere October 1st!)!

I am simply in awe of Lon Kirschner and his talents. The dude is amazing!

He added some cool gargoyle heads on the back, which fit in with my “The Girl Who Chased Gargoyles” story (on page 73). We also added some of the endorsements on the back (we took parts of Kevin Ikenberry’s and Julie Kazimer’s and put them on the back), with all of Dean Wyant’s there. The full blurbs from both Kevin’s and Julie’s are in the Front Matter.

I will be doing a matte cover this time. Lon recommended it, given the look of the cover, so I researched online to see the pros and cons of glossy v. matte, and it does indeed seem like matte is the way to go. Well, Lon is the expert, here!

And, since I’m showing off the cover endorsements, I’m also displaying the rest of them below. These people have been so kind and generous—I can’t thank all of you enough for your time, effort, and support! It means the world—both seen and unseen—to me! I’m so honored, thrilled, and humbled that these folks all thought enough of my work to lend me some of their words. To take the time to read it (wholly or partially—they are short stories, so I told folks they didn’t have to read each and every one to get a feel for the work)…and write something up.

So, the cover blurbs notwithstanding, the following are all inside the Front Matter. But…I am so freaking excited by these endorsements that I wanted to share them!

Do the dead dream?

“A collection that folds upon itself like a Möbius strip. A twisted landscape of the humane, the weird, and the fantastic.”

Mario Acevedo, Author, University of Doom

“Stylistically edgy and willing to muck around in the darker corners of life, the stories in Do The Dead Dream? are both bold and gritty. Readers looking to be soothed and reassured about the human condition, seek elsewhere.”

Mark Stevens, The Allison Coil Mystery Series

“F. P. Dorchak’s anthology—a collection of forty-five short stories—spans decades and showcases the author’s wide-ranging talent. With tales that are at turns engaging, suspenseful, twisty and often slyly humorous, Dorchak focuses his penetrating gaze on those things we too often take for granted—and makes us laugh or shiver in the doing. Reading Do the Dead Dream? takes you across a threshold into a Kafkaesque world where anything can happen; if Rod Serling were still on Planet Earth, he would be the first to offer his voice for the audio version.”

Barbara Nickless, The Sydney Parnell Mystery Series

“So reminiscent of the Twilight Zone! Imagine a story between light and shadow, between science fiction and superstition, between what you know about horror, and what horrors one can only imagine. Gritty and beautifully crafted, Do the Dead Dream? is the sort of collection readers will enjoy story after story.”

J.A. Kazimer, Author of CURSES!

“From the surreal to the all too real, F. P. Dorchak’s stories delve into the realms of the mind, otherworldly beings, loves lost, and the fickle nature of death. With a little bit of everything, this collection of stories will haunt readers long after they’ve closed the book.”

Shannon Lawrence, Short Story Author, Blogger, The Warrior Muse

“Do The Dead Dream? is a masterpiece. F. P. Dorchak effortlessly weaves the real and surreal into twisting, epically personal stories. “Etched In Stone” and “Tail Gunner” challenge what we know as real and yet are completely human tales of love, loss, and camaraderie with incredible resonance. This is a collection of the highest order from a supremely talented author.”

Kevin Ikenberry, The Protocol War Series

“F. P. Dorchak’s short stories take a look at the world in an inside-out, rarely visited way. These are neither happily-ever-after tales nor ghost stories solely meant to creep you out. They are worlds that can be deliciously understated like dreams of dreams, as enigmatic as time warps, and as unexpected as falling in all directions at once. We meet werewolves and undead and people whose past lives bleed through. These tales are nostalgia-meets-a-future with nighttime borders that hint something is not quite right, each one putting the reader in a graying state between sleep and wakefulness.”

Karen Albright Lin, WritersLaunchPad

“F. P. Dorchak blurs the lines between reality and the paranormal with his vast collection of unnerving tales that are sure to keep you up past midnight.”

Joshua Viola, Denver Post bestselling author

“From a dangerously precocious little girl who befriends gargoyles to a conventional guy who discovers (first hand) an invasion of mind-blowing creatures, F. P. Dorchak offers up a collection of horrifying short stories in Do The Dead Dream?, which he delivers with an inimitable, unique voice. The reader accompanies Dorchak’s characters’ bizarre experiences that manifest as rapid-fire flashes of thought-pandemonium…as would naturally occur under such unnatural circumstances. Just when you think the path is headed in an obvious direction, Dorchak jerks the road out from under your beliefs to find yourself suddenly drawn along a most unexpected thoroughfare.”

Jan C. J. Jones, Executive Producer/Writer, FOREST ROSE PRODUCTIONS, LLC, A Journey with Strange Bedfellows

“You may think you’ve read it all, but F. P Dorchak’s “Do the Dead Dream?” will test the limits of your imagination. Picture Stephen King as a mad scientist, mixing bits of Night Gallery with a generous helping of Black Mirror, a dash of Altered States, a pinch of metaphysics, and a healthy dose of surrealism. Dorchak takes you forward and backward in time, puts you in the cockpit of a plane, plunges you into the ocean, and ushers you into other realms you never expected. Buckle up for a unique and unforgettable ride.”

Paul Gallagher, Writer/Editor, Blogger, Shadow & Substance

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New York State/Vermont Vacation

Headed East (© 2017 F. P. Dorchak)

Headed East (© 2017 F. P. Dorchak)

Last month my wife and I made our annual trip back to upstate New York, by way of Vermont. We flew into Burlington and hung out in the area for a day or so, did some sailing on Lake Champlain, then drove down to Bennington, at the southern tip of the state. There we visited the Bennington Monument, checked out three still-functional covered bridges, then took a right, and hooked it back on up through New York State, by way of Lake George, Keene Valley, Lake Placid, and all the way up to the Malone area, where we once again stayed in an Adirondack camp on Lake Titus for a week. Visited family and checked out a couple of waterfalls. It…was…glorious….

I will write up more about the trip in additional posts. I’ve been quite busy with getting my new anthology into production, but now that that is out to another to work for now, I have some pseudo-free time to um, well…yeah….

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Conscious Living Interview With Wendy Garrett

Click this link for the interview!

Second time’s the charm?

Wendy and I tried to record this interview a week ago (the last interview that never happened…), but ran into…let’s just call it “doppelgänger issues”…and the interview was lost….

But yesterday, all things fell into place! The irony of it all was that this interview was originally scheduled for yesterday‘s date, but Wendy had moved it to the previous week (and there’s more about this in the podcast, above).

Insert doppelgänger issues.

Here we are now.

Sorry about the occasional feedback issues, but it is technology.

Wendy is so charming, gracious, and fun! Thank you, Wendy, for two fun interviews, thanks for having me, and I hope we do some more of these! Thank you, listeners, for listening! And thanks to Matt, for his excellent production efforts!


Things are not always as they seem….

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Kirschner Cover Art: Do The Dead Dream?

Do The Dead Dream? (© 2017, F. P. Dorchak and Lon Kirschner)

Do The Dead Dream? (© 2017, F. P. Dorchak and Lon Kirschner)



What do you think, folks? Did Lon nail it or did he NAIL IT?!

I am positively in awe of Lon Kirschner and his ability to create stunning cover art! Lon is the only cover artist I know who reads the entire manuscript before creating its cover.

Lon had given me several draft covers from which to choose. As I looked them over, this was the one I’d immediately chosen. But…a debate quickly arose between my wife and I. We selected and discussed [the] different covers, and she pointed out…that it’s not about me…it’s about what best sells the book…whether or not it’s the one we preferred.

So…I thought about it…and in the interests of being open-minded, I’d sent all of the covers out to those who’d cover-blurbed (endorsed) my anthology (this is a whole nother discussion!). And…as was so unexpected (…the Weird and the Peculiar!) every single cover option was chosen by someone.

Yes, this book and all around it is living up to its subtitle!

I loved that!

It showed that there was, as Mark Stevens (one of my endorsers) said, “no right answer.” But…in the end…as another endorser, Mario Acevedo, pointed out, “…remember that your target market are readers of horror who want edgy and creepy.” And that’s why I picked the one I did. Why only one of the options just nailed it for me, and that is the one presented here. I should say that one of the other options was a definite second choice, but it was this one that just stopped me in my tracks and utterly stunned me!

I love it for many reasons:

  • The overall mood! It is creepy and foggy and misty.
  • It has a cemetery!
  • Has a creepy, lazy (distracted?)-eyed being staring out at you…following your every move. This lazy eye adds an additional and huge creep factor…and an additional “weird and peculiar” tone: that something is off, here….
  • Mario Acevedo mentioned how he loved the metaphor of the gravestones symbolizing the many stories within the book, so, yeah, I jumped on that bandwagon! Great observation, Mario!
  • I love the font!
  • I love the sepia tone!
  • There’s a certain subtlety to the cover that grabs you. It symbolizes a dark, brooding, sepia-toned October day to me, where you just want to ignore the world and sit down to read some weird and peculiar stories…as mists lazily drift across the landscape…and unseen things are watching you….

All of the above—to me—weave the perfect cover for the stories within this collection of my work over 39 years of my life. I have labored long and hard to bring these stories out of the dark and into the light of day…and, believe me, the light of day isn’t going to help you!

As I do with all my cover art posts, I asked Lon Kirschner for his point of view on the circumstance surrounding his creation of my cover. Here is what Lon had to say:

“It is always a joy to get a new F. P. Dorchak manuscript. You never really know what you are getting into. Each story is so different from the last. He is not an author who sticks to a formula, so each project requires a reboot of my thinking.

“This latest project was a collection of stories, so the project required that the cover present a feeling rather than something that would harken back to a particular moment, or feeling of a story, because there were so many [stories] and quite a varied selection.

“I know Frank is a graveyard junkie, that coupled with the fact that the title is Do the Dead Dream? was screaming for an image of a graveyard. The issue was how to combine that with something that was compelling and that would offer something for the reader to contemplate. In thinking about this I was drawn to the opening title sequence of the first season of the HBO series True Detective.  There was something about the double exposure images that I felt could be used in this cover. Somehow combine life and death. That is the direction I went off on. I created a double exposure of a face with the graveyard blending into it. It was a good-looking cover, but I felt it said too much about an individual and was not ambiguous enough. I then had the idea that the eyes, which are the most representational image of human life, would be interesting if I could somehow incorporate them into the gravestone image. Life and death. Blending, moving, painting and applying different effects eventually lead me to the image that became the cover. The lazy eye was a happy accident. Unplanned but something that happened in the development stage. I am what I would describe as an organic designer. I have a rough idea of what I am thinking when I start…but a lot of what happens is through trial and error. This is not the fastest way to work, but it is a style that I have employed going back to pre-digital days when I would almost work in a collage-style layering… and moving things around until I got it right. The title type is a font that incorporates sharp serifs, something that I always think of when I imagine headstone engraving. It evokes that image without the use of a cliché carved effect.

“I thought this was going to be the cover…but I did one more that was purely photographic, a very different image that was a little tongue-in-cheek, which came together very quickly. It was not picked, but as Frank has mentioned, several people did choose it. It proves that a cover design, in the end, is subjective. An author and a designer can have very different takes on a story, it is always a great feeling for me when the two come together and the final product is both an artistic and literary success.”

Thank you for your thoughts and the background on this cover, Lon! You’re a genius, a visionary!

I love working with Lon. He’s easygoing and comes up with images, points of view that are simply awesome. There are times I just want to ask him, “Man, where do you come up with your ideas?“, but then I know it’d be just like asking me, “Man, where do you come up with your ideas?

They come…from where they come.

Currently I am composing the back cover. My editor, Joyce Combs, and I are done editing, and I’ve sent the manuscript off to my formatter, Pam Headrick!

Wow, we’re almost there!

I’m hoping for an October 1st release date!

Lon Kirschner may be contacted at:

Phone: 518/392-3823


Book Cover Site:

Related Articles:

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Do The Dead Dream? Cover Unearthed!

Do The Dead Dream? (© 2017, F. P. Dorchak and Lon Kirschner)

Do The Dead Dream? (© 2017, F. P. Dorchak and Lon Kirschner)

Okay, after nigh 40 years, I have finally brought together the best of my short stories into a single collection! Forty-five of them! As I’ve teased…here is the cover to my new book, Do The Dead Dream?!

Isn’t this just creepy?!

I will talk more about this cover in another post, its creation, what I absolutely LOVE about it, but I am floored by Lon Kirschner’s work, and in total awe of this guy’s abilities! I am still working on the back cover, am having the entire manuscript formatted, but I am looking to release Do The Dead Dream? at the end of this month!

Damn, I can hardly believe it, but this cover kills!

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Wendy’s Coffeehouse Interview Update #2

Turns out this interview is a podcast recording that will be available on the Empower Radio website, under Wendy Garrett’s Conscious Living segment.

We are still “in the midst” of things! We were about halfway in, joking about Wendy’s doppelgänger incident with her dogs…playfully dissing her doppelgänger…and all of a sudden, I’m just hearing white noise! No connectivity…so…they’re troubleshooting and trying to figure out what


went wrong. I don’t know about Wendy…but I like her doppelgänger. Think she’s a pretty cool person, even if she doesn’t own dogs. And I know Wendy never intended to insult her Better Half.

No, not at all.

It was all just “radio talk”…that’s all it was…filling dead air so we have interesting stuff for people to hear…and she


has apologized, so she knows the error of her ways….

So let’s get this show back on the air!

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