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I am looking into trying out BookBub to advertise books. Again…this has been heralded as THE WAY to make a name for oneself by more than one author friend of mine. So…I’m going to try it. It’s a complicated and … Continue reading

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And The Stories Live On….

A good friend of mine who loves my work, Edie Scott, inspired me to write this post. Her and I had been e-mailing about writing, and she told me a very cool thing that really had me feeling good: she … Continue reading

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Give The Gift of Fear!

Okay, I know, it’s the holiday season…Merrry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and all that…and that being the case, I am shamelessly self-promoting a wonderful gift—for yourself. The gift of fear! Yes, what better way to say “I love me” than to … Continue reading

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Kirschner Cover Art: “Clowns,” by F. P. Dorchak

Okay. Yes. I know…shameless, shameless self-promotion! But I’ve wanted to talk about this cover since I first laid eyes on it…or it had laid eyes on me…. As I’d previously mentioned, I’d been (and still am) messing around with short … Continue reading

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What makes a good clown go bad? I had originally intended to release my short story, “Clowns,” for free on my site, here, but got the idea to release it through Amazon’s Kindle Select. I’d read a short story by … Continue reading

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