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Sunset on the Rocks

I managed to finally get outside and get a hike in after who knows how long it’s been! It was obviously later in the afternoon, and I’d been trying to squeeze one in for quite some time. But given the … Continue reading

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Post Shoulder Surgery – It’s ALIVE!

Yes, I made it through my first major operation…and it turns out to not be nearly as bad as others have had it. My surgery was the second to be performed August 29th, at 0830 MT (as I was wheeled … Continue reading

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Shoulder Surgery

Today I am undergoing shoulder surgery, so I will most likely be out for a few weeks. It appears a lifetime of weightlifting had finally caught up with me! Late last year I’d discovered a tear in a shoulder muscle. … Continue reading

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In Honor of Herr Hohmeyer

You know, it’s funny what we remember from childhood. Today, I started the day by going for a walk as it snowed. I kept waffling: writing/chores/walk…walk/chores/writing…sleeping in/writing/tax stuff…. Walking won out. I love “bad” weather, love it when it snows, … Continue reading

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Smokers—PLEASE, Take Your TRASH With You

I can’t emphasize this enough, but smokers, please, take your trash with you. I don’t really care whether or not one smokes, but I do find it curious that apparently many who do (based on personal observation) appear inclined to … Continue reading

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