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Denver Comic Con, June 30, 2017

Don’t ask me why I’m still posting on this account, since I told y’all that I was trying to leave it behind and move forward fresh. That’s a topic for another post. I am attending one day only, this year, … Continue reading

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Edward Bryant, Jr.—A Tribute

“I have such wonders to show you….” I learned this last Sunday that Ed Bryant, Jr. had passed on from this life. Wow. The above quote is from Ed’s short story “Marginal Ha’nts,” in Hex Publishers Nightmare Unhinged. You have … Continue reading

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And Now…I Will Leave You….

Black Friday—how apropos in terms of title! I had not planned on publishing this here. The origin of this piece is kinda funny: it had started as a blog comment on my friend, Susie Lindau’s, fun Hallowe’en blog post, “Welcome … Continue reading

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My final “Author Event” for 2016 was MileHiCon48, in Denver. It was the fifth Author Event I’d been to. I’d done two library events, my first Comic Con, an RMFW Con, and MileHiCon. Prior to this year, the most promotion … Continue reading

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I remember writing this short story quite well! What I remember (I checked my writing records) most was that it was accepted for publication in a letter to me, March 13, 1992 (Friday the 13th), by Thin Ice…but Thin Ice … Continue reading

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This vile little ditty originally appeared in Aberations #11 (yes, that’s how it was spelled), but I never received payment…or a copy, though I’d repeatedly contacted the original owner and publisher…who had long-ago sold the business. This story is the … Continue reading

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There is truth to the saying that those who piss off a writer may well end up in said writer’s story…and not in a good way (like, “Ewww, hurt me!”). I knew a girl once…back in ’89…who said a spiteful … Continue reading

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