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The New Me

This new book…and therefore the new me…is taking shape. I am alternating between writing and rereading Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles (TMC). And the more I reread, the more I’m beginning to see where all my inspiration for this new story … Continue reading

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The Hallowe’en Tree

I’m not sure if I’d actually seen a “Hallowe’en Tree” before I’d written this or not…but, I know I’ve seen them since. At the time I’d written this, there was a really cool “Hallowe’en store” in the mall I used … Continue reading

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Seeing Things

I do like to make things subtle, if at all possible. Today’s story might be a little too subtle? I don’t know…you’ll be the judge, as is usually the case with this kind of thing. I vaguely remember writing this … Continue reading

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Ray Bradbury Passes at 91

Yesterday, an icon, a legend, passed away. Ray Bradbury. I’ve read a handful of his work and watched many of them on The Ray Bradbury Theater. I read his Zen in the Art of Writing periodically (I just love this … Continue reading

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