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Sunset on the Rocks

I managed to finally get outside and get a hike in after who knows how long it’s been! It was obviously later in the afternoon, and I’d been trying to squeeze one in for quite some time. But given the … Continue reading

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Today’s Hike – Garden of the Gods – May 22, 2018

Today I had gotten back outside and taken what has become my “usual” hike. It’s through Garden of the Gods, so it’s not really a gnarly hike. I can’t do those anymore…at least not until I get a certain something … Continue reading

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Happy Monday!

On January 1st (2017, for you future readers…), I’d gone out and done my first solo photo shoot with my Nikon D3400. I had a blast, though the pun is that it was très windy (as it is now, as … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Happy NEW Year, everyone! I’m not one to make resolutions, because it’s just not how I operate. I always try to do the best, and be the best person I can be…it’s an ongoing, moment-to-moment thing with me. So, while … Continue reading

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Garden of the Gods

This story was started back in 1994. Apparently, I never finished it. And it stopped right where you started wanting some answers! And, once again, I never remember having written this piece. It’s thinkey and weird…and rather metaphysical…but I like … Continue reading

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