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Pullin’ The Plugs….

Yup. I am. Everywhere. Sayonara… Twitter. Pinterest. Instagram. About Me. Goodreads. I will keep my two blogs (here and here) and my website. In my continued evolution from sub-beast to neo-human, I’d played around with NOT using any of the … Continue reading

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Wow, how things can change! You know, when I first heard “platform,” it meant “something you stood for,” like fighting school bullying. Even for fiction writers. Fiction writers were also told they needed “their platform.” And “social media” was nowhere … Continue reading

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Okay…I admit it, it’s a guilty pleasure! Twitter seems quite suited to my personality. Short quips. One liners. Observations. It’s a short-and-[not always] sweet way of social interaction across the planet. And you get to meet and interact with some … Continue reading

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Psychic Cover Reveal!

Here is the front cover to my new novel, Psychic. I decided to do the cover early, this time. I’m still polishing the manuscript, which, I think, still has a couple of months to go. But I’ve had such a … Continue reading

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Beggin for You To Like Me….

Okay, I admit it, I’m beggin’ for all your help! I told myself I’d never do this, but it’s just not happenin’ as fast as I thought it would. Or maybe not so much “fast,” as…at all. I got this … Continue reading

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On Being Relevant

Read an interesting article yesterday about being relevant. What the heck’s that supposed to mean? Well, according to the editor of this article, from “The A$$et,” a weekly financial newsletter (still free, always free!), it states that you are continuing … Continue reading

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Monsters in the Closet: Book Promotion, PR, and Buzz

There’s an old saying that goes, the more you know, the more you realize you don‘t know. Wow. After reading this post, never was I more aware of what I didn’t know…or, perhaps, more correctly, I knew there was so … Continue reading

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