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Beggin for You To Like Me….

Okay, I admit it, I’m beggin’ for all your help! I told myself I’d never do this, but it’s just not happenin’ as fast as I thought it would. Or maybe not so much “fast,” as…at all. I got this … Continue reading

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On Being Relevant

Read an interesting article yesterday about being relevant. What the heck’s that supposed to mean? Well, according to the editor of this article, from “The A$$et,” a weekly financial newsletter (still free, always free!), it states that you are continuing … Continue reading

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Monsters in the Closet: Book Promotion, PR, and Buzz

There’s an old saying that goes, the more you know, the more you realize you don‘t know. Wow. After reading this post, never was I more aware of what I didn’t know…or, perhaps, more correctly, I knew there was so … Continue reading

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Ooooh, No You Didn’t Just Go There—A Reply To Comment

I had a question to my post on a PPW post, but my response is too large for the Reply section, and I’m not going to whittle it away, so I’m posting it here. I apologize in advance if doing … Continue reading

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Ooooh, No You Didn’t Just Go There….

Okay, I have to admit, I kinda got pissed when I read a blog post about marketing your work, and, yes, I did kinda take it personal, because it continues to perpetuate a train of thought, a mindset that so … Continue reading

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What Have I Done? The Return of Facebook….

Well. After much consideration and feeling a bit like I went back on my, uh—morals?—I’ve returned to facebook. After two years. But, in a different way. I’ve created an Author’s Page. I.e., I’m not doing FB as a “regular user.” … Continue reading

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Going Indie—What I’ve Learned (So Far)—Part 4

The Uninvited became available on barnesandnoble.com May 23. This is the last week to get The Uninvited for free, through Smashwords. Starting June 1st, I’ll be charging $3.99. Thanks to everyone for all the downloads! Okay, some more things I’ve … Continue reading

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