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I Am Finding That…

…as I work on my new book…I find that I’m really having fun thinking about it. Like actually just sitting around and coming up with new… “vignettes”…to add to it…working out probable stories…shifting them around…. As I try to outline, … Continue reading

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Stylized Violence—Stories of Science Fiction

I have been watching the new AMC production of James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction. And to be honest, I don’t buy a common thread throughout the extended dialogue: that writers and directors are writing and creating all these nasty, … Continue reading

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Writing ON My House

This literally just happened minutes ago, and I had to write it up! A childhood friend had reminded me about something that I had done when I was a kid back in Lake Clear, New York. And that fact that … Continue reading

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All Around The Fire Pit

What is it about fire that we so love? I don’t mean all those massively destructive ones that ruin lives, but the far smaller, controllable ones that we love to sit or stand around and stare into. The ones that … Continue reading

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We Talk Story, Yeah?

Story. Isn’t that what we’re really doing—writing stories, fictional or otherwise? I read this article the other day, by Bob Mayer, and it really made me look at things differently! Bob’s got a lot to say in the post, but … Continue reading

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