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Do The Dead Dream? Review–By The Editor

Below is the heartfelt review of my editor on Do The Dead Dream?, Joyce Combs. It was so kind of her to do this, and she did it in the comments section of Marc Schuster’s Small Press Reviews review. I … Continue reading

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Do The Dead Dream? is now an eBook!

Hot off the presses: my anthology is now available as an eBook! Click here to access it on Amazon! Thanks for your support!

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Short Story Listing

Well, here it is, the complete listing of all my short stories and their dates…those already released on this site and those scheduled for release on this site…and their scheduled dates. As they get released I’ll update my Short Stories … Continue reading

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What Dreams Are Made Of

Wow, when I first reread this at the end of June, it just blew me away! I’d forgotten about this story, but once I began reading it—not unlike the character in the story—I began remembering things… creepy, unsettling things. Well, … Continue reading

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This is a dark little ditty inspired by my sudden discovery one day that I’d apparently developed an allergy. I’d never had any allergies before. In the mid-to-late 80s and the early 90s, while living in Colorado Springs, I’d driven … Continue reading

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Zombies v. The Undead

Okay, there’s this big craze over zombies (you know they’re big when they’re used in public service announcements and have their own “Zombie 5K“), and while I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing—I personally have nothing against zombies, like I do … Continue reading

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