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Publishing Monopoly?

I’m not as “hooked” into the whole publishing angst like I used to be, and to be frank about it, I’m glad I’m not. I’m tired of the same old arguments…tired of the animosities…and how much of it what is … Continue reading

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What Does it Take To Release A[n Indie] Book?

Besides the actual writing of the novel, there’s the publishing of it. The transformation from a manuscript to a book. Sometimes that can feel like it takes just as long as the creation of the manuscript (ms)! One of my … Continue reading

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Hachette v. Amazon

Well, I’m sure this’ll make me extra popular, but I find this annoyance and anger with Amazon amusing. Really, we’re dumping on Amazon? Aren’t we also ignoring all the ills of the Traditional Publishing world, with stuff like, oh, yeah: … Continue reading

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It Happens To The Best of Us

Once again, another writer friend of mine, Joe Ponepinto, received that worst-ever rejection letter we could receive. Worse than being told your writing sucks, go kill yourself. This, however, has become the norm in the traditional publishing world. No longer … Continue reading

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