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A Bird on the Head is Worth….

I don’t know how old I was, but I’m sure it was young teenagerhood. It was a winter’s day in 1970-something, and I had been outside, bundled up in my usual upstate NY winter gear, including gloves and a knit … Continue reading

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Flashing Lights

What is it about the dark and flashing lights? With all this winter going on this year, comes the need for snow plows. They kinda fascinate me. When I get up at Oh-Dark-Thirty, I’ll sometimes hear them as they rumble … Continue reading

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Frozen Branches

Thursday and Friday of last week we had a bit of an ice storm…in that I don’t know if it was actually termed an “ice storm,” but we had everything coated in a layer of frost and/or ice—and it was … Continue reading

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As I sat in the darkness before our lit Christmas tree this morning, drinking my “coffee drink” of “some coffee added to milk,” wife still in bed, I heard a familiar sound that always gets me in a good way: … Continue reading

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Snow Paper

Family tragedies, knives, deserted, wintry forests, wolves, and, well, the stuff of fantasy. This is yet another story I don’t  remember writing, and was written in the early years (1989), but as I stumbled upon it, it just captured my … Continue reading

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Rainy Nights and Christmas Lights

There is a restaurant in Manitou Springs, Colorado, called The Stagecoach Inn. It was an actual stagecoach inn in the 1800s. On the outside of the building are strings of lights. One beautiful rainy night my wife, me, and some … Continue reading

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