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What Kind of Writer are You?

A couple of years ago I read a post from a well-known writer about the “two kinds” of writers that supposedly exist…and I couldn’t believe my eyes. What perhaps bothered me the most about the post was the OCD-like rehashing … Continue reading

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Ask Me Out…I’m Available!

I’m 52 (and look young for my age; some say even act younger than my age, like, way, waaay younger…),  5′ 10″ (lost 1.5 inches somewhere along the past 2 years…), 197 lbs. I work out, love the outdoors, have … Continue reading

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All Writing Helps All Writing

All Writing Helps All Writing I use this in my e-mail signature block, but I also recently used it in response to a discussion on fellow blogger/writer/ex LA book reviewer Joe Ponepinto’s blog, The Saturday Morning Post. However, in my … Continue reading

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Ooooh, No You Didn’t Just Go There—A Reply To Comment

I had a question to my post on a PPW post, but my response is too large for the Reply section, and I’m not going to whittle it away, so I’m posting it here. I apologize in advance if doing … Continue reading

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Ooooh, No You Didn’t Just Go There….

Okay, I have to admit, I kinda got pissed when I read a blog post about marketing your work, and, yes, I did kinda take it personal, because it continues to perpetuate a train of thought, a mindset that so … Continue reading

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Spreading the Love—A Liebster Blog Award

This past Saturday, I got up, opened my e-mail, all manner of chores needing to get done today rattling through my head, not to mention trying to fit in some novel writing time (which, realistically, rarely ever happens on a … Continue reading

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The Misunderstood Writer

Yesterday I posted a reblog about a “few words from Stephen King.” And…I made some comments. Well, as I thought more about what I wrote there, it weighed on my mind some, until a decidedly male voice in my head said … Continue reading

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