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A Little Humility Would Be Nice….

I try to be upbeat in my posts, but certain things get me annoyed—even though I know why and what’s happening. No, I’m not physically spun up…just intellectually miffed. I’d just read yet another post by a successful writer (one … Continue reading

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On Writing That Next Work

Crime writer Lee Child has said that nothing is more exciting than the idea for that next book. You see all the possibilities! They beckon! Schmooze with What-ifs! Then, as we write, all the possibilities get narrowed down into actualities. … Continue reading

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F. P. Dorchak Colorado Author Interview Circle (CAIC) Interview

This is an interview I did a year ago. It was my first ever YouTube/video interview and it was such a blast hanging out with these two guys! Cody I’d just met for the interview, but Aaron Michael Ritchey I’ve … Continue reading

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Short Stories–What Have I Learned?

After spending the past year going back over all my short stories, what have I learned? I’ve learned I was a young testosteroned-fueled writer, writing about sex and violence and all-things-weird. There are definitely some things that are going to … Continue reading

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RMFW Colorado Gold Writers Conference

The very first writers conference I ever attended was somewhere around 1987 or so. I no longer remember. But what I do remember is the people and the energy of that weekend! About being a young dude of 26 or … Continue reading

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This is my newest effort! A brand new short story I was inspired to write April 8th, and wrote April 9th. I’ve since been polishing it (including having Mandy Pratt, my tireless, proofreader/editor, go over it). It’s a dark, troubling … Continue reading

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Pikes Peak Library’s Mountain Of Authors 2016

“If something is holding you back…something is also pulling you forward.” Mario Acevedo. This past Saturday I attended the Pikes Peak Library District’s (PPLD’s) annual Mountain of Authors (MOAs) event, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This was my second year in … Continue reading

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