My Evil Plan

My Evil Plan™—which I’ve been formulatin’ for a spell (pardon the pun)—is to consolidate my in-need-of-update website with my blogs through use of So I can go to one place and manage my stuff. I plan on using a StudioPress theme, a new host for, then sucking over all my WordPress posts and whatnot. Y’all’ll still get my posts. I’m told.

So far it’s been anything but graceful.

It has been a barrel of headaches and frustration.

None of the above-mentioned organizations seamlessly interact with the other—though they make innuendoes to the effect. Talk about how well they work with each other.


In no short order I discovered how messed up it all is. It’s exactly like the initial scarecrow scene in The Wizard of Oz. Exactly. Right down to me falling all over the place with straw falling out of my head and gut.

You see, several things are not made as clear as they should be, and nowhere do I find succinct, consolidated procedures. Though StudioPress claims to give step-by-step procedures. As does And Blue Host. And a couple not-associated places also do. And you know what? They’re different.

I’ve tried to give them the benefit of the doubt that I’m just stupid…but even that falls flat. Though, in all fairness, the help aspects of all involved were timely and professional…even if they did occasionally echo existing “procedures.” I had to do a lot of digging on my own. A wizard would be a great idea in setting this stuff up…

If I only had a brain!

But enough complaining!

Hopefully my domain name (fpdorchak) will transfer over in the next week and my new host (where my revamped website will sit) will capture it without any more issues. Then I’ll be able to do all this other stuff that all the procedures claim I can do. Like download themes and transfer blog posts. Rebuild a better mousetrap. A website that’s up-to-date and cooler looking. That consolidates my blogs and site. Sell books from it. I have high hopes.

And I really am looking forward to it! I just have to walk away from all the above and let my head air out. Or fill in. Whatever. In any event, I hope you all like what I have planned. It will be under I could never remember my blog post URLs.

So my account will then be terminated and you’ll be redirected to my new host…through…by way of a StudioPress design…on a Blue Host platform.

Got it?


About fpdorchak

Upmarket paranormal fiction author. I write gritty, Twilight Zone-like fiction. Please check out my website:! Thank you for stopping by!
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9 Responses to My Evil Plan

  1. Jim Johnson says:

    Sounds like a hacked-up DIY home automation integration project gone wrong. I’m intrigued!

  2. Karen Lin says:

    I think the various companies purposely make it hard to merge stuff. Apple is notorious for their stuff being unfriendly to other technology companies (unlike friendly Android). So software, hardware. ugh. This is one of many reasons I don’t go in and make major changes to my website – just simple updates.
    BTW you win me over with shots from Wizard of Oz… one of my top three favorite movies!!!

    • fpdorchak says:

      I’ve done this before…but years ago…and things change! Technology…the security aspects. Then not every “registrar” does transfers differently, yada x 3. :-] But I really need to bring my website up a few notches. It’s so basic…so bland. No SEO. Want to consolidate my stuff. I’d blown off doing this for a while because of all that has to get done, but thought now was probably as good a time as any—and I am coming out with a new book later this year, so…i pulled the trigger. :-] But, yeah, those Wizard of Oz scenes just popped into my head and got me cracking up! And no pain…no gain!

  3. Wendy Brydge says:

    Frank, you’re making ME feel tired just thinking about how much work and hassle it is to do this! Things shouldn’t be so complicated. 😛 Wishing you the best of luck with getting everything “just so”!

    • fpdorchak says:

      You’d think. Or not. ;-] And I appreciate your well wishes! As I’d mentioned, been wanting to do this for a little bit…this seemed like the right time to do it. I really hope it all turns out well! It’s be nice to have my website and blog management in one place….

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