A Little Bit o’ This ‘n That

Well, I haven’t been idle. I have been writing…then trying to write…then living. For a while there I was doing pretty good on my newest effort, which is now over 52,000 words. I’m shooting for 80,000, hoping to stay away from 100k. I’m wanting this book to be a quicker read. A lighter read. It’s my second science-fiction novel. Still not gonna say much about it, yet, but I like where it’s going.

Then, somewhere along the way, more…things…got in the way, and the writing hasn’t been as consistent. I’m finding that I seem to be slowing down…at least in the early morning. It seems to take me longer to get going! I don’t know if my remaining injuries are just taxing my body enough to monkey-wrench me, but to be honest, I no longer (or very rarely!) leap out of bed to hit the keyboard!

Not liking that.

Now, mind you, once I do get going, I ramp back up and am fine, but the getting-up part has been a problem for me, lately. I hope once I get my knee scoped and my hip replaced, my body won’t have anything to tax it so. Getting my knee scoped next month, and my hip replaced in October. I’ve dealt with both long frigging enough…about seven years for the hip.

I’ve also subscribed to some better industry reads, like The Hot Sheet. On my first set of articles sent, for the “Trends in Adult Fiction,” back on June 29th, one paragraph really stood out to me. It talked about how high concept was once the all-important thing to sell books (right, like every other “all-important thing”…pick one…). But what an agent pushed was that that is not the case “anymore.” That it’s actually…WORD OF MOUTH.

Wow, had an industry professional actually said that? You mean it isn’t the author doing everything?

Of course, the standard “…and that it is driven by writing that is ‘really, really good’….”

You know, I heard the lyrics in some heavy industrial rock today that basically yelled—said—that I’m so tired of being right.

Obviously and author can’t just do “word-of-mouth” it doesn’t make sense. That’s the starting point. Word of mouth requires other mouths. And it’s getting those other mouths to mouth off that is the point of contention, I suppose. That’s why publishing houses keep saying it’s the authors themselves who are the best marketing tool (yeah, used that purposely) to getting the word out, but then not giving them any backing to do so. Instead they give all their backing to the BIG NAMES. Yeah, Those people. The ones already making it. Have their own revenue to put into their own promotion and marketing—but wait, don’t have to! Why? Cause the Big Houses are doing it for them.

On another front, I submitted my anthology, Do The Dead Dream? to TaleFlick. It’s being reviewed right now, but once it’s approved, will go live on their to-Hollywood site. I already have ERO on there. TaleFlick helps us Little People get our works exposed to industry professional in Hollywood.

I have applied to MILEHICON51, submitted a possible “thing” to do, and offered to moderate and be on panels. Since they now have me up on their website, it looks like I’ll [most likely] be going. I love that Con! Always looking forward to attending.

Not going to be able to go to Colorado Gold again. Have other things planned for that time frame.

Other socials?

Yeah, meh. Sometimes. Not so much others.

One last thing…I’m feeling pretty “wrapped in physical time” these days. Sometimes I get that way. I just feel really controlled…moved along…enmeshed within…Time and Being Physical. It’s weird, hard to explain, and I’m currently swimming in it. I usually feel slightly outside of it…events feel lengthened…I usually get much more done in a certain capsule of time than physically allowed, that kind of thing. But lately, I feel like I’m in a Swamp of Time and the more I push, the more resistence I encounter.

Welcome to the Real World!, you all say. Join the Club! I hear.

Okay, I get it. I guess I deserve it. For the most part I’m trying to just go with the flow, like I usually do, but this flow is different. Thicker in Time. I feel more encapsulated in physicality. Yeah, for me—that’s a thing.

Other than all this interior shit, I’ve been really enjoying the summer, successfully reseeded some dead patches of lawn…watching some baseball (Colorado Rockies), enjoying where I am in Life, you name it. My gym workouts have been utterly fantastic, given my “new shoulder” from last year’s surgery (and, no, no longer going gonzo like I used to with the intensity and heavy weight). Getting out and doing my hikes, which are so needed, the getting outside part and “airing out.” Even sometimes just sitting out on our deck…at all hours. It’s just beautiful.

And now and then, I throw some more words down on paper….

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New York State Vacation 2019 – North Country Waterfalls

Last month my wife and I went back to see my folks in upstate NY. When were weren’t hanging out at the house, we were driving out and about, as usual, but lately have taken up “Waterfall Huntin’,” as I’ve come to calling it. On one of my previous trips back home by myself, my stepmom had told me about a nearby waterfall, so we went to see it, and when I left to return to Colorado, she’d given me a book, Waterfalls of New York State. Ever since, I’ve been picking out some from this book and making the effort to go find them. It’s been quite the enjoyable pursuit, especially since I am a fan of the falling waters!

I took all images with my Nikon D3500, in various manual modes, with and without polarization.

High Falls Gorge, Wilmington, NY

It is quite the experience to stand before all this raging water and feel the pounding and hear the thunder of these powerful forces of nature! To feel the wind and splashes of water hitting your face! The temperature drops as you go down deeper and deeper into the gorges these waterfalls have created!

High Falls Gorge is a popular tourist attraction that is located between Lake Placid and Wilmington, directly off NY 86, part of the West Branch of the Ausable River. I don’t ever remember visiting this waterfall, even as a kid. During the past couple of our NYS trips, my wife and I had tried to stop by, but either it was too late and was closed, or it had been raining. This time, we made it our first stop, and it was a gorgeous day!

This is not a free visit. There’s a quaint little gift shop there through which all is managed: to buy waterfall and North Country gifts, eat, and use restrooms. Then you enter the falls through the rear of the gift shop to the trail. Admission is about $11 or so, but it’s worth it. You get a brochure that guides you through everything. Without this gift shop setup, most people would not be able to visit these falls, because the terrain is quite extreme. The maintained trail is composed of dirt, rocks, wooden paths, and stairs, and it’s listed in the book as a “moderate” effort. Were you just to walk it and not lollygag, like I did, it’d be maybe, like a 30-minute venture or something. It took us even longer, because it had been a year since I’d practiced taking manual shots of flowing water (there’s technique and art to it), and it being in a deep-cut gorge, the lighting was a constant challenge. So…some of these are over or underexposed, but for me, I think I got some really good images for a rank amateur!

High Falls Gorge.

West Branch of the Ausable River.

First Set of Falls, High Falls Gorge.

First Set of Falls, High Falls Gorge.

Anorthosite Boulder, High Falls Gorge. 1.5 Billion Years Old.

One of Many Viewing Areas, High Falls Gorge.

One of Many Viewing Areas, High Falls Gorge.

Master Pothole, High Falls Gorge.

Master Pothole, High Falls Gorge.

High Falls Gorge Venturi Effect.

High Falls Gorge Venturi Effect.

Another Set of Falls, High Falls Gorge.

Another Set of Falls, High Falls Gorge.

Climax Falls, High Falls Gorge.

Climax Falls, High Falls Gorge.

High Falls Gorge Walkway.

High Falls Gorge Walkway.

High Falls Gorge Walkway.

High Falls Gorge Walkway.

Another High Falls Gorge Pothole.

Another High Falls Gorge Pothole.

Somewhere Down The Line, High Falls Gorge.

Somewhere Down The Line, High Falls Gorge.

Cascade and Rushton Falls, Canton, NY

These falls are not as “cut” and deep as High Falls Gorge, but it is still wonderful to hear the roar of the falls as you approach…then find a view of them as you poke your way through trees and underbrush, as you leave the maintained trail.

Cascade and Rushton Falls are located in the Grasse River, in downtown Canton, just past the intersection of US 11 and 68. There is bridge and a maintained, village-run mini-park. If you blink, you will literally miss the turn-in, so keep your eyes peeled (if you come from US 11, like we did, the waterfall entrance is on your right, the parking area is on Willow Island, and the rest of this park is across the street, where there’s even a PortaPotty), after the first set of light and before the bridge, after you drive through the business district!

These waterfalls are created by the island that interrupts the Grasse River’s flow. This is also a well-maintained waterfall, but it’s free. And the paths are easy and fun to walk and explore. You can easily hoof it on the path in a handful of minutes, which we both did—my wife more than me, because, again, I had to stop and take multiple pictures. There are strategically place placards describing various aspects of the falls.

On the mainland side of the east channel is a memorial plague in honor of J. Henry Rushton (1843-1906). He was a famous canoe builder of the time, and made Canton his home. He made lightweight cedar canoes, as well as guide boats, sailboats, and other vessels that all became internationally famous.

Sorry I haven’t broken out which falls are which, below. I know the Rushton Falls span a larger horizontal width, but that still doesn’t help me in identifying my shots!

Cascade and Rushton Falls Entry Walkway.

Cascade and Rushton Falls Entry Walkway.

Cascade and Rushton Falls Walkway.

Cascade and Rushton Falls Walkway.

Cascade and Rushton Falls, Canton, NY

Cascade and Rushton Falls, Canton, NY

Close Up, Cascade and Rushton Falls, Canton, NY

Cascade and Rushton Falls, Canton, NY

Cascade and Rushton Falls, Canton, NY

Messing With Polarization The Filter: Looks like night time!

A Very Big Rock. Cascade and Rushton Falls, Canton, NY

Cascade and Rushton Falls, Canton, NY

Cascade and Rushton Falls, Canton, NY

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A Birthday and A Rockies Game

Last night we went to a Rockies game at Coors Field, in Denver, in honor of a family member’s birthday. We go every year and enjoy the fireworks afterward.

(© 2019 F. P. Dorchak) Coors Stadium

This year’s game was against the Houston Astros, and it was a fun game, lots of back-and-forth, some really great plays, and one or two flubs (shows you even the pros make mistakes!). To me, that all makes for a fun outing! Rockies lost by one (8-9). It was a well-matched and hard-fought game! I am a baseball fan, played as a kid (RF outfielder), and there is nothing like watching a live game.

The entire family went, and we rented a suite. I mean, really, that is the way to go! It’s catered, and you sit protected from the sun and 100-mph foul balls (though, admittedly, you also never even have the chance to snag one, either…). In the suite you can sit inside or outside in two rows of stadium seating for 12.

(© 2019 F. P. Dorchak) View of Rockies Press Boxes From Our Suite

This year we were situated behind Home plate, just “this side” of First Base. We’ve usually been situated between Third Base and Home. There are no bad locations, it was just cool to see a different perspective.

(© 2019 F. P. Dorchak) Rockies Field Before Play

The food is great! And since it was a birthday, we also ordered a cake. Their cakes are most wunderbar! This time we brought Tupperware to take the rest of it home with us—yeah, you can do that! We’d talked about doing so several years (we’ve been renting an annual suite for seven years), and this year we finally remembered to bring the danged plastic!

(© 2019 F. P. Dorchak) A Rockies Birthday Cake

As I’ve previously stated, I feel that the Coors Field fireworks are the best display I’ve ever witnessed! The Rockies allow us rank-and-file to come out onto the field during them, and it’s so stinkin’ much fun, as you see them going off above you, laying down in the outfield!

(© 2019 F. P. Dorchak) Heading Out Onto The Field For Fireworks!

For those who have difficulty getting around, you can stay in some of the seating areas you sat in for the game (some don’t have the needed visibility), or watch from the main concourse. For those who rent suites, you can watch from the balconies, at one end of stadium, by the massive video display near Left Field. I’ve alternated between balconies and main concourse, and I don’t feel there’s a bad spot anywhere.

(© 2019 F. P. Dorchak) View From Suites’ Balcony For The Fireworks.


(© 2019 F. P. Dorchak) BOOM!

(© 2019 F. P. Dorchak) BOOM-BOOM-BOOM!

(© 2019 F. P. Dorchak) More BOOM-BOOM-BOOM!

(© 2019 F. P. Dorchak) Still More BOOM-BOOM-BOOM!

(© 2019 F. P. Dorchak) But Wait There’s MORE BOOM-BOOM-BOOM!

I will tell you, however, that if you catch them from the main concourse by this video display you are right there…and will get extra loud explosions and all kinds of black powder and smoke! We’ve even had paper shards drift down around us one year, as we observed from the balcony! I love that! This year The Rockies gave us ear plugs, and I used them halfway through, and they did help and weren’t a bother or hinder at all the whole experience.

(© 2019 F. P. Dorchak) Check Out That SMOKE!

When all was said and done, the drive home, dropping off our family member, my wife and I got to bed at two a.m. That’s almost when I get up to write!

Speaking of which….


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Where Have I Been?

It’s been about a month and a half since I’ve posted and been something like three months since I’ve written any fiction…and it’s actually felt pretty damned nice!

While it started out with me being burned out on writing, it’s actually been more out of necessity than anything else that I’ve put down the pencil. My wife and I have been going through a lot of in-home rework.

We’ve been rearranging and rethinking our living space. To me, this is all very metaphysical, because everything we do is related to something nonphysical. When we do anything it has roots…its beginnings…from something within us. I mean, really, what motivates anyone to do anything?

Something inside.

So it’s no big leap really.

So, with moving things around, getting bids, researching…many, many trips to many, many stores (okay, just a hardware and paint store)…it all takes up time and mental space. And throw in the day-job. And doing everything we all do every day. But with all this internal reworking of our living space, we also reworked my writing space. It has totally been redone and looks nothing like it used to.

Again…another metaphysical parallel.

And whereas so many people today are coming out of the proverbial closet—I went in.

An interior designer we had helping us gave me the recommendation to design a “writing nook” inside my home office’s closest to better utilize my storage area.

I had never considered that!

But, long story short, I now have this really cool writing nook in what used to be a closet. Though I didn’t build it, I did rip out the interior, patch up a “hidden” hole that was quite large, and painted the finished construction. And it felt great using my hands in a different way…but I must say that I am truly over painting! Though the Lowe’s and Home Depot commercials make painting look sooo easy, it’s not really. If there’s even the remotest chance that paint will get somewhere where it’s not supposed to get…trust me, it will. And this is not my first time. But with the closet project (which I just love!) there was a lot of detail work, because of the many shelves added, as well as a writing desk. I actually had to use tiny “craft” brushes to repaint over paint that bled through the painter’s tape. This happened a lot. Inexperience or whatever on my part, I had a lot to repaint over.

And let’s talk pre-paint prep! Taping anything and everything!

When we had the painters come in to do the main living areas, we joked that they were so thorough and swift in their efforts that had I stood in any one place for more than a beat, I’d had been taped up with the rest of the room!

So, yes, now I’m in the closet. A closet writer.

Metaphysical parallels there, too.

But no, sorry, not gonna show pictures of it…at least not now. I just don’t feel like sharing it. It feels too personal right now.

So, my entire writing space has changed 100% and I love it! Love the paint colors I chose, as well as its reconfiguration. It now looks—dare I say now actually is?—a writing office, rather than a room used for writing.

With the three-day weekend, I was finally able to complete all of the above, and we can declare our renovations complete. We still have to move things back into place and add a thing or two new to our reconfiguration, but the all the work that began around September of last year is DONE. It has been a long haul, but we’re happy with the way things turned out!

There were other things bugging me that also led to my self-imposed removal from writing, but I won’t get into it…same old, same old…and I don’t want to get all negative, but suffice it to say, I feel antsy to get back into writing. To the two novels I’d started and to two new short story ideas I came up with last week. But I don’t plan on getting back into all that social media again. I”m just not interested. I’ll throw a tidbit or three out if I feel so inclined, but otherwise, I just don’t care about it.

Apparently my energy needed the break and there is [still] some transition going on inside moi. I honestly did not miss not writing. I had so much else to do, including taking an actual break that included getting up and watching MeTV comedies and all—and that was fun! Watching the old reruns! I’d even watched some old Everybody Loves Raymond on another channel, which I used to really like, and noticed that it had a lot of some pretty annoying episodes, and some really stupid situations. And juvenile. Maybe it was just the random grouping of the episodes in rerun land, but I found it more annoying than funny this time around. Even stupid. And uncomfortable with all the angry and yelling.

Funny  how our perspectives change as we go through life.

So here I am…ready to get back into things. Not at the pace at which I’d been doing stuff…but I’m going to get back into writing. I am following my energy, and my energy seems to not be burning as hot as it used to be. More level…even. We’ll see what materializes.

But I am eternally grateful for those of you who actually take a serious, concerned, even caring view of my work. There aren’t many of you, but it means a lot to me that you enjoy the weirdness that I create. I can’t be everything to everyone as much as I’ve tried to be, so I’m done trying. I will follow the Fall Line of my life, like I’ve always tried to do…and I will learn to better enjoy not writing and not feeling guilty that I’m not writing.

Because, you know, there really is so much more to life than writing.

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Mountain Of Authors 2019

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2019 Mountain of Authors! (© 2019 PPLD, used with permission)

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2019 Mountain of Authors! (© 2019 PPLD, used with permission)

April 27th, at the north library location, Library 21C, in Colorado Springs, Colorado is the 13th annual Mountain of Authors! It runs from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sandhya Menon is keynote speaker.

Click here for the Author Panel.

Click here for the Publishing Panel.

Click here for the attending authors.

I will again be attending this year, which is always an honor! I’m again not planning on many events this year, and this could be my one and only for 2019, unless I decide to go/get asked to attend the MileHiCon51, in October.

Mountain of Authors is a really fun, cozy event at the north end of the Chapel Hills Mall area.

Hope to see you there!

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2019 Mountain of Authors! (© 2019 PPLD, used with permission)

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2019 Mountain of Authors! (© 2019 PPLD, used with permission)

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2019 Mountain of Authors! (© 2019 PPLD, used with permission)

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2019 Mountain of Authors! (© 2019 PPLD, used with permission)

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Book Buzz Promotional Tour Analysis

Do The Dead Dream? BookBuzz Promotional Tour 2018/2019

Do The Dead Dream? BookBuzz Promotional Tour 2018/2019

I’d mentioned in a previous post that I’d signed up for a BookBuzz (BB) promotional tour. I did this in December 2018 and January 2019. It was called the “Book Blitz” promotional tour, and involved BB promoting a book of my choice (Do The Dead Dream?), including managing a blog tour on my behalf. I gave them certain information they’d requested, including a sample story, and they ran with it. At this link (not sure how long this link will remain active) BB let reviewers sign up to do the blog tour. I got 28 takers…don’t know if that’s a lot or not, but it’s more than I have ever gotten on my own. I wish I could thank them all individually, but I cannot (for some I have to create accounts just to access the information, and I’m just not gonna do that), but thank you to all who took an interest in my work to host it!

It was an interesting experience! It really goes to show you, out in the wild, just what people actually think of your work…but it also shows the souls of the reviewers themselves. And while you can never please everybody, it was admittedly neat to have been compared to e. e. cummings, Hitchcock, Stephen King, and H. P. Lovecraft—geez, you can’t ask for more! And to have such descriptions attributed to my work like “chilling…surreal…captivating…strange…unearthly…dreamlike,” well, it’s nice to be appreciated.

Some offered non-public advice, as in I used too many exclamation marks. Well, I’ve never heard that one before. Some commented on the liberal use of all caps. I get that remark, I do, but for the effect I was trying to get across, just doing normal sentence, title case, or italicization would not do it for the story. In the stories where I made liberal use of all caps, I did so because the beings speaking were, essentially, godlike, and speaking in aforementioned cases simply didn’t cut it for me. Maybe I could have used small caps, now that I think about it. In any case, pardon the pun, I had to somehow make the verbiage far more impressive than mere “human case” and don’t have access and/or knowledge to whatever other typographical luxuries might exist out there. But thanks for sticking with the stories, if you continued to read them to the end!

One said they didn’t understand why I arranged the stories as I did.

I actually did have a plan!

I placed the longest stories at the beginning. I then tried to group the monster stories together, and certain other “weirdness factor” stories with similar “weirdness factor” stories. I wanted “Tail Gunner” to be the last story because…well, the guys was a tail gunner. I picked “The Wreck” as the first story because it seemed like the better of the long stories to place first to gain possible reader interest for those who might…wade…into the first pages of the book to check it out…yes, it gets really weird in the end of that story, but the beginning is pretty tame and easy to get into, being about scuba diving and such.

And I did not want a linear progression of my writing!

Since I love to mess around with time and perceptions, and this is not “how I roll,” I did not want to do anything so trite…which was why I’d ended up tagging each story with its creation date. That said, I wanted my better (usually more recent) writing more toward the end of the book, to hopefully leave readers with a better sense of my writing, since I know some of my earlier pieces were more rough around the edges.

At the completion of my BookBuzz period, they sent me several attachments, one a NetGalley analysis sheet, which was really neat, if confusing, because some of the metrics appeared to contradict other metrics given elsewhere. I have a query out to BB, but have not yet heard back, and don’t know if I will, since my “paying time” has expired. When I was paying them they were timely in their responses, but this is now the longest they’ve gone in not answering me, so all I can assume, despite their “…if you have any questions…” is that it’s actually “See ya later, kid!

As to how this has affected my sales…well, it’s too early, really, and I have not seen any bumps yet. But again, it just happened, and I don’t know the standard “business rhythms” of this kind of promotional effort. I’ll try to keep y’all posted if any such rise in sales occurs. Below are some the specifics BookBuzz sent to me.

NetGalley Analysis

Do The Dead Dream NetGalley Overall Snapshot (2019)

Here is what BB did for me:

1) Posted my book on their website:


2) Managed my book blog blitz.

3) Added my book to the following sites so reviewers could access it. Reviewers were requested to leave their review on the links below by December 30th, but they are all largely no longer available, since my time with BB is up, or I just don’t have accounts at their site to check for them:




4) Added my book and/or profile on the following sites. This is cool, since it gained reviews on GoodReads:





5) Submitted my book to ReadersFavorite and Book Life for possible reviews. I went to the link below, but didn’t see anything completed:


6) Created some neat images my book. I used them in this post. They told me to “feel free to use them in any way you’d like.”

7) A few other sites also ended up promoting Do The Dead Dream?:




8) Provided me with Excel and PDF attachments of the following:
—People who requested your book from NetGalley
—Reviews left on NetGalley
—Opinion question answers from NetGalley
—An Overall Snapshot of how your book did on NetGalley (this was presented above)
—Requests and Feedback from BookSprout & Requests from Prolific Works.

Again, I thank all those who had been involved in getting this up and running, as well as to all the reviewers for taking the time to read and review my work. Thanks to Amanda and her folk at Book Buzz for all her promotional wizardry!


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Roadblocks – Figuratively and Literally

Well, I must say, things have gotten weird, and not in a good way…and as the title for my post just came to me as I sat here to write this…it also hit me like a metaphysical haymaker.

I’ve started this new novel (two actually), see, but, as I’d previously mentioned, Life In A Good Way took precedence. Then my day job required more time…then I got sick…then I

Slammed my vehicle into not just one but two curbs.

As I was driving to work this week, in the dark, on a dark (I don’t believe there are streetlights where the following happened), icy side street, I found this vehicle parked perpendicular to me in the road.

Just sitting there.

For the longest time.

Blocking the entire one-way street before me.

I did not see nor hear any spinning tires.

The short version is that as I attempted to avoid the truck (which I did), ice and hard, polished snow took over…I hit one curb…then the opposite curb. Vehicle became undriveable. I never touched the truck.

And the truck and its driver?

He drove off.

But I’d gotten his license plate and his address.

I was fine, BTW, but as a loved one said to me yesterday, that driver had no way of knowing who was in the vehicle he had caused to slide out of control. It could have been a young kid, an elderly individual, or everything in-between.

And he just drove off.

Thing is, the cops told me, there is no Colorado law that demands that such drivers have to stop! As long as there are no dead bodies, drugs, vehicle contact, property damage involved, if a driver causes others to have an accident, there is no legal imperative to prevent a Colorado driver from fleeing the scene of an accident they cause.

So, my insurance company and I are pursuing the above to pay for damages, since they did not immediate pony up. And no apology from the other driver for his irresponsible behavior.

But the other insurance company is still investigating, and my company has filed a “claims recovery” with them. So we’ll see.

Blah x 3, my vehicle is being worked on and I am unimpressed with the character of anyone who would do such a thing. I won’t relive the details of it all, I wrote it all up and even created a diagram of the situation for my insurance company.

But…for this post…the metaphysical importance of it is that I’ve had multiple “roadblocks” the past year to my writing, and I am a bit baffled by it all. I don’t have accidents (well, okay, the 20-year cyclic event of hitting deer, but who doesn’t?)! So I have to ask myself: what the heck is going on? I’ve been having all kinds of things “roadblock” my writing, and now even a literal roadblock. Sure, I’m just “going with it,” but what is going on with all this “stuff”?

Oh, it’s called Life.

As I had to remind myself, life isn’t about my writing…it’s about living. And things happen. As metaphysical as I can be about it…I cannot control everything. All I can do is put out good intent—

But maybe this isn’t so much about me…but the other guy.

Obviously this had to happen to the both of us for some reason, and given that the guy up and fled an accident he caused, it looks like it really had to happen to him.

So, all this will play out as it’s meant to, and what will happen will happen…but I hope that this guy, whether or not he weasels out of payment/his responsibility, learns something from his actions and takes responsibility for his actions. People like this don’t have good lives. If they flee shit they cause, you can be pretty sure they “flee” other shit in their lives. All I can do is wish him peace on his journey.

This happened for a reason.

I’m fine.

I’ll be fine however the outcome. I just truly wish the guy comes to peace with himself and learns whatever it is he needs to learn from all this.

And for me and my “roadblocks”?

I don’t have any!

This is just Life!

And Life is not about my writing…it’s about living and treating others with respect and living with good intent. So that’s what I have to remind myself with I get too caught up in minutiae like this that ain’t nearly as fun or heartwarming as seeing the wonderful smile on my wife’s face every day.


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