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All Writing Helps All Writing – A Revisit

I was going through my posts looking for something else and stumbled upon this post of mine from Sept 2013. Since I’m still pretty busy with other things (like physical therapy), and my posts have fallen waaay behind, I thought … Continue reading

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Follow My MileHiCon50 Instagram!

While at MileHiCon50 trying to post on Instagram. Just go to Instagram and search for “fpdorchak,” or go to my and select the Instagram icon. I already have some stuff posted. Will try to keep up today…and will at … Continue reading

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Do the Dead Dream?

Originally posted on Small Press Reviews:
Fall is upon us and Halloween is nigh, so if you’re looking for a good scare (or several dozen good scares), then look no further than FP Dorchak’s anthology of short horror fiction Do…

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Blog Rework

Okay, well, I finally figured out how and what I’m doing with my blogs. Since I’m tired of trying to get things to work as they should, and thinking about it for some six months, I’m linking back to this … Continue reading

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Do The Dead Dream? Cover Unearthed!

Okay, after nigh 40 years, I have finally brought together the best of my short stories into a single collection! Forty-five of them! As I’ve teased…here is the cover to my new book, Do The Dead Dream?! Isn’t this just … Continue reading

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The Wreck

I love this story! I’d written it back in 2000, when I was still scuba diving (my last dive was January 27, 2001, in Blue Hole New Mexico, for a High Altitude dive cert, which I never completed; don’t recall … Continue reading

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The Hallowe’en Tree

I’m not sure if I’d actually seen a “Hallowe’en Tree” before I’d written this or not…but, I know I’ve seen them since. At the time I’d written this, there was a really cool “Hallowe’en store” in the mall I used … Continue reading

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