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Denver Comic Con, June 28, 2017

Don’t ask me why I’m still posting on this account, since I told y’all that I was trying to leave it behind and move forward fresh. That’s a topic for another post. I am attending one day only, this year, … Continue reading

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Voice – Free Review Copies!

I have 19 slightly damaged copies of Voice that I want to give away! Their damages? The inside graphic image of the front cover is grainy. That’s it. Nothing else is damaged in the book—well, if you don’t count my … Continue reading

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The WYO Road Trip

This past week, my wife and I took a road trip up to God’s Country. Well, at least that’s what Wyoming and my wife think (and I may have slightly overstated my wife’s position, however…). As much as I love … Continue reading

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Best Reads…

…in a long time! I had started reading these four books about a year ago—and last week had finally finished them all. I think I’d started around September. They’re all anthologies. They all have the element of The Weird in … Continue reading

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Kirschner Cover Art: Looking For Przybylski, by K.C. Frederick

In looking for the next of Lon Kirschner’s cover art I wanted to review, I came upon one I’d been looking at for a while: Looking For Przybylski, by K.C. Frederick. Now, I don’t read all these books as I … Continue reading

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Wind and Snow

Yesterday we had respite from the fifty-, sixty-, and seventy-degree weather we’ve been having—it actually snowed! And it had come down pretty hard for a while there. Where I was at the time, north of Colorado Springs, we even had … Continue reading

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Edward Bryant, Jr.—A Tribute

“I have such wonders to show you….” I learned this last Sunday that Ed Bryant, Jr. had passed on from this life. Wow. The above quote is from Ed’s short story “Marginal Ha’nts,” in Hex Publishers Nightmare Unhinged. You have … Continue reading

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