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Transitions – Evil Plan II

As I’d previously mentioned in my last Evil Plan™ post, I am transitioning over to a self-hosted site on The intent of this move was to consolidate my blog posts with my website so it would be easier to … Continue reading

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My Evil Plan

My Evil Plan™—which I’ve been formulatin’ for a spell (pardon the pun)—is to consolidate my in-need-of-update website with my blogs through use of So I can go to one place and manage my stuff. I plan on using a … Continue reading

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The Wreck

I love this story! I’d written it back in 2000, when I was still scuba diving (my last dive was January 27, 2001, in Blue Hole New Mexico, for a High Altitude dive cert, which I never completed; don’t recall … Continue reading

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My final “Author Event” for 2016 was MileHiCon48, in Denver. It was the fifth Author Event I’d been to. I’d done two library events, my first Comic Con, an RMFW Con, and MileHiCon. Prior to this year, the most promotion … Continue reading

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A Conversation With Hell

This story appears to be the first (or among the first) story I’d written as an adult and began recording, as I got full time into writing as a business. As an ongoing intent. From my earliest records, it appears … Continue reading

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Publishing Monopoly?

I’m not as “hooked” into the whole publishing angst like I used to be, and to be frank about it, I’m glad I’m not. I’m tired of the same old arguments…tired of the animosities…and how much of it what is … Continue reading

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MileHiCon47, a Knot, and a Head

Well, this past weekend was a blur! I attended the 47th MileHiCon, in Denver, invited back for a second year—and hope I get the lifetime subscription! This is an absolutely incredible—flat-out fun—event that anyone with a halfway interest in fantasy, … Continue reading

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