These prose poems I did for Hallowe’en in 2012. I tried to do something every week for that month that year, trying to get into the Hallowe’en spirit, and I did—and it was fun! When I created these, I’d challenged myself to write one a week “off the cuff,” with no planning. I had a basic idea of what I’d wanted…thinking back to my favorite mummy movies and lore…and sat down once a week for three weeks and just wrote what came out of me….

Instead of again serializing these, here are all three of them together.



No Passing

No Time

Only Now…

A life to painfully pine


No cherished sound

Nary a precious peep

No Human touch

Only deeply troubled sleep


The weight of antiquity

Crush of stone

Wrapped and tightly bound

I, forever alone


Profane death

Ancient desiccation

I eternally atone

A heinous transgression


Within Ba enslaved

My Ka everlastingly to pay

Darkness, imprisonment

This tomb within which I lay


Dreams of lands

Dreams of much

Freedom, exotic scents

A silken, tender touch


Flesh against flesh

Heart against heart

My love for another

Us One, torn apart


Dreams of wind

Sounds it makes

Through breezy palms

Its balmy path takes


Forever to dream

Forever to yearn

Forever to remember

This anguish I’ve earned


There is only now!

My life to pine!

Oh, agonized passing!

Eternally, endless Time….



Weight of Silence

Density of Confinement

Eternal damnation

My immortal pronouncement


Unable to breathe

Never to move

Yet comes from above

Abominations to prove!


I stir!


I rise!


I push off centuries

Against all choice

I am awakened

Strange magic, strange voice


Resistant to movement

I exit my sentence

That into which I awaken

A land of no acquaintance


I go where I know not

Without consideration

I go where I’m beckoned

Imprisoned, another iteration


Bound as I am

In ancient tatters I hang

Movement I am bidden

Insulting life that once sang


The shuffling the dragging

The unyielding yoke

To others am I sent

And commanded to choke


Heavy my heart!

Bloody my tide!

Forced to take lives

To which I have strived!


Control I have not

Miss my dreams and my sleep

Thee who awaken me

I wish not company keep


Their bidding I do

But know here, know true

Thee who has clutched me

I am coming for you.


Tortured and aching

Relentless my quest

The bidding of another

Endless unrest!


As I shuffle and I let

This blood that I spill

Stronger I grow

More powerful my will


I cannot continue!

Unrelenting murder!

My captor has controlled me

But this time no longer!


He commands, he directs

I do, I turn

But this time is different

His dominion I spurn!


He shouts and invokes

Fights and he strikes

But in the end crippled

My might is what frights


I dispatch as I have

To all dead before him

Then turn to a flame

And insert my forelimb


I cannot return

Now free from possession

To once again anguish

In my ancient obsession


I give up my being

Once and for all

By my own hand do it

Oh, will of gods befall




I am released!

Into the afterlife fly

I find my true love

And in her arms



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Upmarket paranormal fiction author. I write gritty, Twilight Zone-like fiction. Please check out my website: https://www.fpdorchak.com/! Thank you for stopping by!
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16 Responses to Entombed…Resurrection…Unbound….

  1. Karen Lin says:

    It’s such a great idea for keeping the juices flowing – a commitment…like that. Our oldest, Zach (whose haircut Laura liked :)) did it with his graphic design. New one every day. What a great idea for creative. http://createathingeveryday.tumblr.com/
    If we all could have the devotion and motivation and discipline to write as regularly as you, there would be more great books/art out there.

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  3. Paul says:

    Your poem is making me wish they’d make a new mummy movie, Frank! Albeit one that’s in the spirit of Karloff and Lee …

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